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Potential paradigms will produce spirited conversations on themes birthing emerging paradigms in our now apocalyptic civilization. The word ‘apocalypse’ points to the ‘Revelation of truth’. The revelation of truth brings an end to false narratives that we have come to experience as the many facets of this civilization such as ecology, well being, economy, climate change, spirituality, health, technology, etc

Examples of themes discussed include consciousness, ecology, well-being, permaculture, music, spirituality, art, dreams, meditation, near death experience, psychedelics, trauma, shadow work, non-duality, relationships, civilization, history, future and the list goes on.

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Hi, I am Kenan Azam. I am a consciousness explorer and a student of philosophy and Hindustani classical music. In the past I worked in academia for many years as an engineer. For more about my background and how Potential Paradigms got started, read the backstory article here.