Solar Eclipse 2024 – The Power of Pisces & Insights from Science and Vedic Astrology

As we stand on the brink of witnessing the Solar Eclipse of 2024, an event veiled in both astronomical marvel and spiritual mystique, we delve deep into the interplay of celestial mechanics and the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology. This event marks a cycle not seen for 50 years, offering not just a visual spectacle … Read more


Dear Friend, Here are soon to be released conversations on Potential Paradigms Youtube  channel and audio channels. Click here or scroll below to see a pictorial list of upcoming episodes! For me these conversations have been a labor of love to explore possible paradigms that are grounded in the inclusive well-being of our more than … Read more


Workshops and Talk Offerings Co-creating a World Full of Meaning & Purpose A workshop on how to live a life that optimizes for Synchronistic events based on explorations in Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Facilitated at the High Vibes Festival, 2023 Ancient Future Making Explore the role of remembering, synchronicity, prophecy and non-linear time in allowing … Read more

What is the Calendar? Time & Nature’s Rhythm — inspired by Matias de Stefanos

* Summary: How are the calendar, time and cultural rituals tied to celestial cycles and patterns? Kenan and Joshua journey across philosophical traditions and ancient astronomical views to unveil surprising connections between humanity’s chronology and cosmology. A fascinating podcast conversation between Aubrey Marcus and Matias De Stefanos titled “Manifestation Not Working” sparked Kenan’s curiosity into … Read more

Discovering Authenticity — The Immense Power to Be Yourself

Listen or Watch the episode by clicking below Spotify Apple Youtube Why Authenticity? The etymology of “authenticity” traces back to the Greek “authentikos,” meaning original and genuine. It relates to authority and authorship over our lives. Authenticity represents aligning our outer image with inner truth. Authenticity is a nuanced and multidimensional journey of self-discovery for … Read more

The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift with Yasuhiko Kimura Ep# 17

* Guest Bio and Links Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is an expert in facilitating such a leap and transformation through the innovative use of the Zen-inspired Socratic method designed to produce breakthrough thought and insight. Website: Courses: YouTube Channel: Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is a philosopher, independent scholar, former ordained Zen Buddhist priest, consultant … Read more

Discovering Authenticity — The Immense Power to Be Yourself with Adam Bulbulia Ep# 18

*. Introduction Welcome friends. Today, the topic of our conversation is the nuanced subject of authenticity, which usually refers to being your own self, the word Authenticity comes from the Greek word Authentikos, which refers to principle, original, and genuine. For most of us, authenticity is a long nuanced journey of self discovery. So it … Read more

The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift

spiritual imagination

Introduction Welcome to a very special episode of Potential Paradigms. This episode is about the future of humanity, spiritual imagination and the apocalyptic crisis that we as a civilization find ourselves in today. So for this episode, I have the honor of having with me visionary philosopher Yasuhiko Kimura who caught sense of the tremors … Read more

A Play of Words – Video Series

A spirited and playful conversation series exploring the deeper dimensions of language through the pathways of word origins, history, culture, propaganda, story telling, music, sound mysticism and more!, empowering us to become conscious users of language! Our guests are etymologists, language enthusiasts, myth makers, philosophers, story tellers, poets and deep thinkers. Alphabets, words and sentences … Read more

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