The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift

spiritual imagination

Introduction Welcome to a very special episode of Potential Paradigms. This episode is about the future of humanity, spiritual imagination and the apocalyptic crisis that we as a civilization find ourselves in today. So for this episode, I have the honor of having with me visionary philosopher Yasuhiko Kimura who caught sense of the tremors … Read more

A Play of Words – Video Series

A spirited and playful conversation series exploring the deeper dimensions of language through the pathways of word origins, history, culture, propaganda, story telling, music, sound mysticism and more!, empowering us to become conscious users of language! Our guests are etymologists, language enthusiasts, myth makers, philosophers, story tellers, poets and deep thinkers. Alphabets, words and sentences … Read more

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The Myth of Money: A Communal Inquiry into Abundance

Introduction The Myth of Money is a series of dialogic conversations (exploring perspectives) with an intention to repair our connection with Abundance. The idea for this series germinated from a communal inquiry launched at the Joysong Collective, an incubator for spirit at work! Join us for a transformative journey of self-discovery and communal inquiry as … Read more

Beyond Linear Time: Perspectives on Reincarnation

Introduction In our day to day observation of life on earth and the wider cosmos, we find the themes of cycle and transformation. The water bodies transform to vapor forming clouds and then return back as rain to rivers and oceans. In the more animate form we have the metamorphosis of a pupae into a … Read more

Co-creating a world of Purpose: Unlocking the Synchronicity Machine

Introduction Most of us in our current western paradigm are conditioned to think that our life is created through cause and effect where we have to perform a series of actions that may eventually lead us to a desired outcome. We assume that our actions are mechanical and take place in time and space! However, … Read more

Biofield Healing: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science — Dr. Shamini Jain Ep#14

Description So the topic of our conversation today is the emerging paradigm of biofield science. So what is biofield science? The biofield science is also known as energy medicine or energy healing, and includes things like the impact of electromagnetic. currents such as the Earth’s magnetic field or electric currents on our healing capacity But … Read more

Friends Meditation Circle

Time and Location Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Days: Friday Location: Meditation Room, Soft Medicine, Sebastopol, CA All are welcome. Come join together with friends to: – Relax – Gain clarity – Gain stability Why Meditate? In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the word used for meditation is ‘Gom‘, which means to become familiar. This … Read more

The King of Love (Poem)

Inspiration I have had the opportunity to be in the presence of a spiritual luminary of our time and while I was in the gathering it felt as if I was in a King’s court. I am not a fan of Monarchies but the power in this space felt like one in which I would … Read more