A Play of Words: Grammar, Glamour, Spells & Norse Mythology — Chaise Levy Ep#16

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Hello, friends. Welcome. I hope that this message finds you all so today I’m excited to share with you. A new series of videos that I’m making called a Play of Words. And this comes from my longstanding passion about looking at the meaning of words, their history, and what their true origins are. And the reason for this is often we use words that we have inherited, we learned as children, and those that we absorb from our culture and the country we live in. So more often than not, we don’t really know the real meaning of the words we even use. So wouldn’t it actually be nice to know the intention and the real meaning of a word that we use? I hope that you would agree. So there are many ways to look at the true origins and meanings of Word. And in this particular series, I will be exploring with my guests who study languages or speak multiple languages or study music philosophy. Et cetera, to come together and look at, the deeper roots of language.

Guest Biography

 Chaise Levy is a father, husband, teacher, and storyteller in the oral tradition. He is profoundly committed to the power of image, story, and magic as great gifts for the griefs of our time. Chaise’s work with story centers reckoning with ancestral legacies of both blessing and harm, nourishing the imagination as a partner for liberation, and feeding this wild-wonderful earth with eloquence. chaiselevy.com northernspirithouse.substack.com Longer Description: One way to look at the history or [00:01:00] origin of word is to look at their etymology at their history. And we might find that a word is actually connected to the ancient Greek language or to Latin or the ancient language of India called Sanskrit or Arabic for that matter. And not just that, but that these different. Historical pathways intermingle with each other and are connected. So as we look at them, we become aware of the true reasons and intents behind the creation of a word and how over time new intentions emerged, new cultural movements, propaganda and other things affect the meaning that we collectively associate with a word. So this alone is fascinating, but at the same time, there are other dimensions of language, for instance, The dimension of language mysticism or sound mysticism, what that means is that if you didn’t know the language that I was speaking right now, words would just be sounds to your ears. But if you knew the language that I was speaking, then each word would create an image in your mind, [00:02:00] would trigger different thoughts and different images, and will thus create a magical reality for you. And it is no surprise that words like grammar and spelling are actually connected to words like spell, Which means to morph, to change your perception, so in fact, when we speak language, we are casting spells in a way. And when we hear languages, spells are being cast. So wouldn’t it be nice that we became conscious of what was the reality that we were creating through the sounds that we’re producing and through the sounds that we’re hearing? Wouldn’t this be very useful if you are hearing propaganda or lies that want to trigger anxiety or fear in you? So these are just some of the pathways, and I’m sure that there are many more, and I will love to hear from you. What are your comments and your thoughts on other pathways that we could explore in this series? These episodes are gonna be a little shorter, perhaps half an hour. , I look forward to being on this journey with you, and I hope that you will join me. Thank you.

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