Artificial Intelligence, Creativity and the Unknown — A No Hype Panel Discussion Ep#15

This is a recent panel discussion that potential paradigms organized with Consciousness Hacking San Diego. It’s no surprise to you that artificial intelligence is a big theme right now in the collective. We are all concerned and perhaps also excited about the potentials of artificial intelligence. so there are so many discussions happening on YouTube and on the television, so why t his panel discussion and why watch it. So my simple answer would be that we didn’t have any billion dollar ceo. and politicians and our investors, , in this panel. So the conversation was very grounded and conscentious, , and also very creative. So if you’re still watching this, let me quickly tell you about the panel .


* Dr. Robert Twomey, Artist/Engineer, Arthur C Clarke Center, UCSD An artist and engineer who has been working , for more than a decade on the intersection of machine. And, , human perception as to how new technologies, including AI and beyond ai, when they come and cohabitate with humans, , what are the implications of that? What are the unknowns? , And so , when I heard Robert, , I was really blown away by his insights that didn’t seem to be present in the mainstream. * Ted Kyi, Engineer, Organizer: Machine Learning San Diego Meetup Ted, Kyi. Ted, Is a senior vice president of a technology company and he also leads an incredible , community group known as, , San Diego Machine Learning. And, , there is no fluff about him. He really grounds the conversation with his background in this tech. So that’s a panel.


I’m one of the people who helped organize this panel together as Potential Paradigms along with my friend Zach Prager, who is a technologist and, , leads, the San Diego Consciousness Hacking Group. that. Explores, , the use of technology for human well-being. –


So some of the questions , , were, , can AI be used as a collaborator? What are the motivations behind AI and human collaboration? Is there [00:03:00] any influence of big money on ai? Of course not. , . Are we projecting our meaning and biases onto ai? Is the current AI based on technologies of plagiarism? What are the new paradigms that are going to emerge from these new technologies? Is there more value of human made art now than before , will AI eliminate jobs? what is the impact of AI on the new creator’s economy ? Is there such a thing as AI literacy? Do we need regulation of ai, , and how do we summon, , the unknown both in art and also using this new medium of artificial intelligence? , why do new technologies spark a sense of terror in us? So this was a list of some of the questions. So I hope that you really, , enjoy this and learned something from this. At least that was my attempt, and I think that this was an enlightening conversation. And more important than not, I would really like to learn from the comments. , please make sure to like this video and subscribe to the channel if you can. I appreciate it and, , thank you so much.

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