Biofield Healing: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science — Dr. Shamini Jain Ep#14

So the topic of our conversation today is the emerging paradigm of biofield science. So what is biofield science? The biofield science is also known as energy medicine or energy healing, and includes things like the impact of electromagnetic. currents such as the Earth’s magnetic field or electric currents on our healing capacity But it also includes modalities such as reiki, healing touch, pranic healing, and many others. And most of these come from the ancient wisdom traditions of the East The biofield science perhaps would also include the placebo effect or the impact of our own intention and expectation on not just our healing, but the healing of those around us. So it is quite an empowering idea that we have tremendous healing potential to heal ourselves through the mind body connection, but also we have tremendous potential to heal our communities and those around us in such a needed. For the longest time, the biofield was considered woo woo and it had no place in the Western medical establishment. But now it seems like we’re having a paradigm shift. These modalities are becoming available in hospitals and institutions in the form of integrative medicine across the Western hemisphere.

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I have the pleasure of having with me today, Dr. Shamini Jain, who is a pioneer in the field of biofield science. She’s an Ivy League trained clinical psychologist and a researcher in the area of psycho neuro-immunology. More than that, I consider Shamani a real maverick in the field of biofield science because in her career, she made several bold moves to stay true to her passion, to exploring energy medicine, to discover for herself that it works and not just stop there, but bring it out into the world and facilitate a paradigm shift.

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