Debashish Banerji—What’s Technology, Singularity, Non duality, Tantric Tech, UFOs & Future Self’s #6

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Our topic today is technology. Technology has become so prevalent that it has almost become invisible, but do we know what defines technology today? We’ll be looking at several historical movements and philosophies that have shaped our current understanding of technology and its development.

Some of these movements include. Colonialism materialism, transhumanism, and post-modernism, we will also be exploring the hidden dangers of technology, the limits of human rationality. Technology in ancient civilizations and potential new understandings of technology that will restore the well-being of our planet in our now apocalyptic civilization  let’s now turn to the conversation. 

** Guest Bio **
Debashish Banerji is the Haridas Chaudhuri Professor of Indian Philosophies and Cultures and the Doshi Professor of Asian Art at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is also the Program Chair for the East-West Psychology department.

He’s the author of several books. And one of his books is the seven quarters of becoming, which is his interpretation of the yoga psychology of Sri Aurobindo. He’s also the editor of a recently released anthology called Critical Post Humanism and planetary futures.

00:00 Debashish Banerji—Technology & Being, Colonialism, Transhumanism, Supra Rational, Non-duality & Pessimism, Future Technologies, UFOs & our future selves & more #06

00:04 Introduction
01:46 History of Technology 
04:54 Renaissance to Humanism, What is a Human?
05:21 Primacy of technology over Science: Heiddeger 
08:40 Technology and theology of Deism
09:42 Modern Knowledge Acadmey And the Will to Knowledge
11:33 Will to Power and Age of Technological Divinity 
16:35 Technological Divinity , Extinction & Plato’s pharmacon
18:36 Technological Will to Power and Reason 
27:05 Technological Colonialism, Singularity and Machine Messiah
37:18 The Knowledge Acadmey and ignoring Subjectivity
43:53 Heidegger’s Essay ‘Questions about Technology’
50:23 What’s Technology: Will to Power & Rationality
52:12 What’s technology: Limits of Rationality and Poesis
54:13 Michael Focault and types of technology
01:03:30 Apotheosis of Technology and Human extinction
01:06:06 Capacity to Handle the world versus identifying with the world
01:07:38 Non-duality and its hidden pessimism, Bodhisattva versus Arahanth
01:17:11 The Future is Open: Creative Reinterpretation of the past
01:23:41 Aliens, UFO Sightings and our Future Selves
01:28:41 Is the source both Unified and Plural?
01:29:41 Tantric Technology
01:35:13 Upcoming themes for discussion

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