Dhāraṇā to Dharma: The Throne of Eternal Law — Play of Words Ep # 4

** Description

Welcome to a Play of Words podcast series, where we explore the hidden meaning of words using the pathways of language, theology, spirituality, philosophy, culture and much more. I’m your host, Kenan, and I have a love for etymology and philosophy and science.

And for this episode I have the pleasure of having with me my dear friend, Joshua Beneventi as a co-host, for episode four of this series. Joshua has a background in anthropology and has a love of philosophy and languages. He speaks around five, if not more languages, including Arabic and Portuguese and studies Sanskrit and has even interfaced with Japanese!

** Word this week

So for this week the word that we felt inspired to explore was primarily Dharma and that led us to the word throne. We started to do some detective work on these words and we stumbled across an entire constellation of words, which was invigorating, in terms of seeing the parallels between the word throne and Dharma and other very powerful mystical,, words in various languages, such as the Arabic word ‘Arsh’ or Throne. ** Submit a word or feedback So I hope that the audience finds this enlightening and inspires them to do their own detective and homework on these. Words of common parlance – that is our goal here – that we become educated users of language, which is a spell which we use to morph our perception. So with that being said, we look forward to the comments or any words you like to explore.

* Chapters

:00 Dhāraṇā to Dharma: The Throne of Eternal Law

00:05 Introduction and Guest Introduction

01:33 Exploring the Word ‘Dharma’

03:13 Dharma in Different Cultures and Languages

05:31 Dharma in the Context of Yoga and Life

07:00 Dharma in the Bhagavad Gita and Buddhism

08:16 Dharma in Zoroastrianism and Latin

09:26 The Connection Between Dharma and Throne

19:06 Exploring the Word ‘Throne’

21:15 Throne in Different Cultures and Languages

25:25 The Connection Between Throne and Dharma

37:16 Conclusion: The Interplay of Dharma and Throne

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