Discovering Authenticity — The Immense Power to Be Yourself with Adam Bulbulia Ep# 18

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Welcome friends. Today, the topic of our conversation is the nuanced subject of authenticity, which usually refers to being your own self, the word Authenticity comes from the Greek word Authentikos, which refers to principle, original, and genuine. For most of us, authenticity is a long nuanced journey of self discovery. So it gives me great pleasure today to introduce to you a dear friend of mine, Adam Bulbulia, who has written a book on this subject titled, Authenticity, the Immense Power to Be Yourself, which is now also available on Amazon. *. Guest Biography: Adam Bulbulia is an author, Board Certified Behavioral Analyst, and experienced Process Coach who has dedicated years to studying human behavior, empathy, and unconditional love. He has worked extensively with individuals, business owners, and families for over 20 years. He is a seasoned expert in the field of autism and has worked with hundreds of developmentally disabled youth and adults. Authenticity: The Immense Power To Be Yourself is his third published book. Bulbulia is the founder and owner of Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services, and the founder and president of the non-profit Heart Centered Revolutions.

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Amazon: One of the things that I like about this book is how Adam approaches authenticity through multiple pathways and exploring its connections with things like creativity, nature, relationships, the workplace, livelihood, leadership, death, and even the miraculous. This book has several exercises and games for the reader, which will allow them to get in touch with their own authenticity. And there are several powerful stories that allows one to relate with what does it feel like to live an authentic life. So I hope that you’ll get a hold of this book and if you do read this book then please leave us a review and let us know in the comments what you felt.

Timepoints or Chapters:

00:00 Introduction 03:37 Introduction 03:53 Authenticity and its Nuances 07:20 Origins of word, ‘Authenticity’ 09:08 Authority vs Authenticity 10:53 Enthusiasm and Authenticity 11:36 A world that works for everyone 13:47 Authentic Parenting & Manners 18:57 Play and Authenticity 20:56 Societal Norms, Suppression of Feelings and Authenticity 29:26 Authenticity and creativity 30:58 Cults, Cultures & Authenticity 35:56 Cancel Culture & Seeds of War 38:00 Gypsy’s and Authenticity 39:29 Fear, Politeness & Counter Culture 42:23 Heros and Autheticity 48:27 The miraculous and authenticity 58:07 Death, the ultimate teacher of authenticity 01:07:46 Intuitive Intelligence in Children 01:26:57 Authentic Romance 01:33:34 Revolution of the Heart 01:36:30 Authenticity in a Company 01:37:30 Authentic Leaders 01:41:11 Thank You

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