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This episode is surely for the skeptics, it was quite a mind expanding episode for me. UFOs have become all their rage in town. Everybody seems to be talking about it. The government intelligence agencies and top researchers and scientists are now openly studying this phenomena at reputable institutions without risking their careers. Just last year alone, the Pentagon released over 400 reports of military personnel surrounding UFO encounters.

My own introduction to this paradigm was about two decades ago watching the Cult Classic Show the X-Files. If you watched this show, you know that one of the main themes of the show was that there is a reality to UFO phenomena and alien encounters and the powers to be are suppressing the true narrative . While looking at what’s happening today, it seems like there was a lot of truth to that.

So recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Keith Thompson, who is a brilliant journalist, phenomenal storyteller and author. I came across his classic book Angels and Aliens, which he wrote in 1991, and I was blown away by the unprejudiced way in which he looked at UFO encounters and various phenomena. I think Keith has some phenomenal insights on this subject, and if you’re curious about the history of UFO phenomena, how it’s observed in different civilizations and cultures, who are the key people who are researching this phenomena today, and why is it that if not the whole truth, certain aspects of the truth were clearly suppressed, if yes, then this episode is for you! 

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