Kyra O’Keefe — Science vs Spirituality, Paradigm Shift, Activism, Love, Dance, Waking Life & more #03

This is episode #03 of the Potential Paradigms Show. The guest is Dr. Kyra O’ Keeffe (Writer & Educator). Kyra has been passionate about mechanisms of learning. In this episode we talk about insidious presence of materialism in Science and contemporary educational institutions. We also explore the ongoing paradigm shifts of the inter-mingling of Science and Spirituality. Other themes explored are Authentic activism, true education, love & more.

Guest Bio: Dr. Kyra O’Keeffe Kyra is a writer and educator who writes and speaks about her deepest love the felt sense of our shared being. Kyra earned her master’s degree in educational neuroscience at Harvard, and then went on to do her PhD in learning sciences at Stanford university.

** Discussion Timepoints **
0:00 Potential paradigms introduction
0:16 Guest introduction
01:45 True Education
07:20 Neuroscience of learning
18:36 What is Love and Where to find it?
48:14 Paradigm Shift in Science and Spirituality 
1:01:12 Activism
01:17:08 Authentic and practical activism
01:22:37 Words and our reactions
01:32:12 Ecstatic Dance – Dance of Surrender
01:38:18 Is Life a dream – Movie ‘Waking life’

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