Mihai Algiu—Historic parallels(totalitarianism), spirituality, therapy ,trauma, prison work & psychedelics # 04

This is a conversation with associate therapist Mihai Algiu on various topics ranging from current post pandemic historical parallels with totalitarianism, the spiritual quest what it means, spiritual bypass in non duality, therapy & trauma, prison work & more. See show notes below for time points and topics discussed.

Mihai’s website: https://circleofbeingshadowwork.com/

Mihai was born in Romania during the communist, Soviet controlled totalitarian regime. His path drawn him to the teachings of Gurdjieff/Ouspensky (the Fourth Way) and continued to studying and applying the teachings of many spiritual teachers and traditions such as Soto Zen, Vipassana meditation, Adyashanti, Dr David Hawkins, Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle which led him to finding the non-dual direct path in the tradition of Francis Lucille, Laura Lucille, Rupert Spira as well as their teachers and lineages.

Mihai is currently practicing somatic psychotherapy with individuals, couples, as well as groups in 1:1 sessions as well as weekly groups and intensives.

He is deeply drawn to being in nature, hot-springs, archery, as well as listening and playing music especially drums…but he continues to be forever drawn and dedicated to the experiential study of consciousness, reality, subconscious deepening his self exploration and continuing to integrate and hybridize new modalities

Show Notes & Time-points:
00:00 Mihai Algiu-Historical parallels (totalitarianism), spirituality, therapy & trauma, prison work & more
01:47 Guest Biography
03:45 Historical Parallels: Born in  Totalitarian State of Romania and current state of affairs|Mihai Algiu
08:53 Spiritual teachings and world issues totalitarian impusles to climate change
16:39 Responding from Trauma versus presence
19:59 Attacks on Joe Rogan and Freedom of speech
22:18 Spiritual Quest: What is it all about?
29:14 Spiritual Quest: Being and Becoming 
41:33 Benefits of spirituality for the ego
44:23 Purifying our enthusiasm and creativity 
46:01 God’s versus Human creativity 
47:22 What’s Non Duality 
52:35 Rejecting psychotherapy to becoming a therapist and integrating it with spirituality
57:59 Trauma work with prison inmates
01:01:33 Spiritual Bypass in Western Non Duality
01:15:07 Scott Kiloby’s work on Trauma informed Non duality
01:18:21 Non duality and elitism

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