Mihai Algiu- Mt.Everest of psychedelics & Spiritual Awakening-To the end of the Universe & back #11

So before we begin, let me put in an important disclaimer, the conversation that follows is only for entertainment and educational purposes. This is not medical advice, neither is it a recommendation to use psychedelics. Psychedelics are illegal in most countries, and even possession can carry severe penalties. It also has physical and psychological risks. It can exacerbate emotional problems, and in rare cases, even fatalities have been known to.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another episode of Potential Paradigms where we have conversations on emerging paradigms and our now troubled civilization. Today, the topic of our conversation is a psychedelic medicine, or should I say an amphibious medicine known as 5 MEO DMT. I called it amphibious medicine because it’s actually produced in the glands of the Bufo Toad also known as the Sonoran Desert toad. 5 MEO DMT, is a close relative of DMT and has been known as an entheogen in South America for a long time. And for those of us who do not know, an entheogen is a sacrament or a substance that can induce a spiritual state. DMT, as you might know, has been coined as the spirit molecule by Dr. Rick Straussman. It is considered an intense cousin of dmt. It is considered intense because it can quickly catapult one into an intense spiritual state of unity, consciousness, non-duality, or what I like to call as God consciousness. Because it is intense. sometimes it is referred to as the Everest of psychedelics. and just like only very few people climb Mount Everest, a certain type of personality is attracted to using this sacrament. Recently, a lot of DMT sharings have been in the media such as . By podcaster, Joe Rogan, motivational coach, Tony Robbins, and former athlete Mike Tyson.

I will put some of these sharings in the show notes below if you like to check them out.

In my own case, I’ve had meditative experiences and as psycho. Someone who explores the inner dimensions. I’m always curious to hear from fellow explorers of what they have learned. Particularly when the use of engen is combined with the grounded spiritual practice and meditation, then I believe that it can be very rich and can really be a place where the map meets the territory. , Even if you were to never use an entheogen I believe such sharings can bring tremendous insights into our journeys as human beings in this dimension. So today my guest is my friend, me I lg, who is an associate therapist and intense spiritual seeker and a psycho. What follows are two friends having a candid conversation and exploration, And I hope that you will enjoy it. Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you like this video, please like the video and subscribe to the channel. And if you’re hearing this podcast on Spotify, iTunes, and elsewhere, please leave us a review. So thank you. And now let’s turn to the conversation.

Other 5 MEO-DMT Sharings

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