Ruti Halvani – Voice, Feeling, Healing, Artist culture, Primal sounds and voice, Reflexology, & more

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The guest is Ruti Halvani who is a multi talented professional musician (Opera Singer) and vocal coach & mentor. In this episode Ruti shares the power of Voice and its deep connection with our healing. She shares her personal journey from becoming an Opera Singer to later becoming a healer and finally returning to music as a teacher. The conversation dovetails into themes around development of voice and related creative endeavors.

** Guest Bio** :
Ruti has performed as a lead opera singer and in classical concerts in Europe, US and Israel. Ruti is also a Mentor for vocal coaching teachers. She has a Bachelor of Music Education from Tel Aviv Levinsky Music College Followed by Post graduate certificate with distinction in singing and performance from Trinity College of Music London. In 2001 she received the British Millennium Award for researching and performing Jewish art songs. In her professional career she has been a Lecturer at the University of London, Founder and head of the Jewish Singing School also at the University of London She has been a vocal coach and mentor at different institutions and studios. Throughout her operatic career she participated in countless masterclasses by some of the world’s best opera singers. Those inspired her to create her own masterclasses since 2008 for amateur singers called, To Know My Voice, To Know My Self. Ruti is also the Author of the recent book ‘How to Choose Your Singing Teacher’

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** Ruti’s Book **
How to choose your singing teacher

00:00 Ruti Halvani – Voice, Feeling, Healing, Artist culture, Primal sounds and voice, Reflexology, & more 
00:04 Introduction
02:00 Why sing? Singing as a path of healing 
05:38 Singers Journey: a supportive artistic family and sense of safety
11:12 Providing a container of trust for learning
15:51 Artist Collective: Growing up in a artists village
18:28 Artisit Collective – Challenges
19:58 Power of Focus: Letting go of poetry for Opera singing
21:31 Discovering the artist within: What does it take?
27:15 Expressing creativity in multiple avenues?
33:24 The perfect pitch! Can it be developed
34:02 Style is caught not taught
34:56 Learning to Sing by attentive listening 
37:52 How to listen to music to sing better?
40:37 Providing the best space for growth and feedback
44:42 Voice the Primal instrument
49:32 Animal Sounds, Cultural voice , Native American music and Singing
56:35 The singing voice across cultures
01:00:59 Combing Singing with playing an instrument – developing another channel
01:03:56 Reverse interview The student’s goal & responding to our own resonance
01:11:28 How long does it take to become a singer?
01:13:54 Learning a language versus learning singing
01:16:27 Learning from performing
01:17:24 Developing voice: Artist culture and listening to music as a sacred activity
01:20:36 How musicians listen to a concert ?
01:22:55 Reinventing life: From Opera Singer to Healer and Teacher
01:36:12 Singing to Heal: The message of voice
01:41:25 Claiming one’s independence

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