The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift with Yasuhiko Kimura Ep# 17

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Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is an expert in facilitating such a leap and transformation through the innovative use of the Zen-inspired Socratic method designed to produce breakthrough thought and insight.



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Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is a philosopher, independent scholar, former ordained Zen Buddhist priest, consultant and advisor to leaders in business, science, and cultural organizations. Over a quarter century he has developed and delivered hundreds of innovative, custom-made individual and corporate transformational programs.

Mr. Kimura has been called “a philosopher of change” by his peers and acknowledged as one of the most original and visionary thinkers and theorists in the field of integral philosophy. He is recognized for his ability to integrate advanced Western scientific thought with the intuitive wisdom of Eastern philosophic traditions to bring about profound change in the way in which people be and think.

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The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift

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Welcome to a very special episode of Potential Paradigms. This episode is about the future of humanity and the apocalyptic crisis that we as a civilization find ourselves in today.

So for this episode, I have the honor of having with me visionary philosopher Yasuhiko Kimura who caught sense of the tremors of the transformation we find ourselves in today for over 30 years. He’s also known as the philosopher of change, and rightly so, as he has been exploring the future of human spirituality and what society could look like for over three decades. Yasuhiko Has had a profound personal journey, starting with a cosmic epiphany at the age of 16 where he caught glimpses of what the future of human spirituality would look like. And this inspired him to study comparative mysticism. And since then, he has been teaching all over the world and has written books on ethics, science and consciousness

In our wide ranging conversations.

Yasuhiko we shared insights. On the coming shift in consciousness, which will shift our civilization from merely being focused on information gathering,to cultivating our spiritual gifts of intuition, imagination, and creativity. He also believes that people coming together to form local communities of governance in what he callsSynergic Panarchies, holds tremendous potential as the current systems of governance retire and dismantle.

* Chapters and Timepoints

03:38 Introduction

03:49 A cosmic epiphany of Man’s Spiritual Future

19:25 Three Fold Model of Learning – Information, metaformation, and transformation

28:50 Articulation of Spiritual Epiphanys or Downloads

33:22 Poetry and Logic of the Infinite and Eternal

37:15 True Sovereignty and Guru Disciple relationship

42:39 Christ Consciousness – An Evolutionary

48:15 Levels of consciousness and encyclopedic knowledge

51:00 After Enligthenment — Liberation to Wonderment

54:34 Chaos to Cosmos — Fear and Exploration

01:02:19 Trauma, Big Government and Sleep

01:12:44 Self Sustaining Local Communities — Seeds of New Paradigms

01:22:29 Importance of becoming Transparadigmatic

01:27:25Intuition & imagination: Unlocking Spiritual Development

01:43:04 Creating a new world through Absolute affirmation

01:51:16 Thank you

01:51:46 Connecting with Yasuhiko Kimura

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