What is the Calendar? Time & Nature’s Rhythm — inspired by Matias de Stefanos

* Summary:

How are the calendar, time and cultural rituals tied to celestial cycles and patterns? Kenan and Joshua journey across philosophical traditions and ancient astronomical views to unveil surprising connections between humanity’s chronology and cosmology.

A fascinating podcast conversation between Aubrey Marcus and Matias De Stefanos titled “Manifestation Not Working” sparked Kenan’s curiosity into exploring how the calendar and cultural rituals connect with natural cycles and manifestation capacities.

Listening into origins of words like calendar and hour unveils how early cultures sought to map nature’s tempo. But modern disconnections from organic rhythms disturb manifestation capacities. Reclaiming localized, ethical calendars tied to sun, moon and Earth may require remembering wisdoms etched into our lexicon…wisdoms that can inspire once again living joyfully within the cosmos we inhabit.

* Key Topics/Words Explored:

Calendar – calends, taxation origins, lunar/solar rhythms

Time – measuring duration, cut up eternity

Etymology – search for origins and stability

Cycles – circadian, seasons, gestation, agriculture

Resonance – consonance, harmony, fractals, holograms

Nature – baseline rhythms, sun, moon, medicine

Traditions – Islamic calls, Vedic meters, astrology

Culture – rituals, food, calendar ceremonies

Technology – printing press, science vs alchemy

Reverence – stewardship, caring beyond self

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00:00 Introduction and Welcome

03:00 Exploring the Etymology of Etymology

05:29 Inspiration: Calendar, Cycles, and Rituals

08:57 Humanity’s Alignment with Time and Nature

13:07 Monocultures and Calendars

18:08 Etymology: Dividing or Measuring Time

23:27 Etymology: “Harmony” & Fractal Nature of Reality

33:48 Cosmos: Indra’s Net and Aphrodite’s Tapestry

39:23 Views, Perspectives, Discernment, “Metis”

43:17 Days of the Week

46:06 Conclusion: The Importance of Reverence and Stewardship

This episode was inspired by an episode at the Aubrey Marcus Podcast titled, ‘ Manifestation Not Working? Follow These Guidelines w/ Matias De Stefano ‘https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxY2LyFJRpA

This podcast’s themes are like Aubrey Marcus Podcast, Deja Blu podcast, Andre Duqum’s Know Thyself podcast, Beer Biceps Podcast by Ranveer allahbadia, Lakshman Joo Academy and Igor Kufayev.





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