The Myth of Money: A Communal Inquiry into Abundance


The Myth of Money is a series of dialogic conversations (exploring perspectives) with an intention to repair our connection with Abundance. The idea for this series germinated from a communal inquiry launched at the Joysong Collective, an incubator for spirit at work!

Join us for a transformative journey of self-discovery and communal inquiry as we explore the myths and narratives that shape our relationship with money and abundance. In these dialogic meditations on wealth, we will dive deep into the diverse viewpoints, wounds, and deeply held beliefs, and explore how they impact our individual and collective lives.

Our goal is to repair our connection with abundance and discover sustainable solutions for promoting shared prosperity. Join us on this journey to redefine wealth and bring clarity to the way forward in a shifting paradigm!

The guests would include a diverse group of philosophers, artists, entrepreneurs, social workers , philanthropists, etc.

Guiding prayer

I joyfully create and find abundance

Conversational Themes

  • Individual Money Trauma: How our individual life story (race, immigration, war, inherited wealth etc ) encodes our narrative around wealth. Such as not being seen, not valued, experience privilege as weight or shame.
  • Collective Money Trauma: Trauma of nations as a result of their history
  • Does the idea of wealth differ from one culture to the next?
  • Are we ready for a Gift based economy and is it sustainable?
  • Can a Robin Hood style redistribution of wealth from the few wealth holders to the many, can help heal our collective trauma in a sustainable way?
  • Who stewards wealth, possibility of egocentric to heart centered luminaries stewardship?
  • Can we slow down or decelerate to abundance?
  • The creators economy: Art as Currency
  • How to free stuck community resources, allowing them to flow like water so they reach where they are needed.
  • Nurturing community philanthropy by highlighting community ventures

Spiritual themes

  • What is the relation of Spiritual work to resource abundance – Embodiment of the transcendent infinite!
  • Trauma as frozen potential: spiritual growth and and venture success
  • Zooming out: Karmic and cosmological cycles in relation to abundance


Universal basic income, art as currency, start-up decelerators, trauma work and abundance, Stewarding wealthy community members to projects in need, provocative art install, etc

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