The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift


Welcome to a very special episode of Potential Paradigms. This episode is about the future of humanity, spiritual imagination and the apocalyptic crisis that we as a civilization find ourselves in today.

Yasuhiko Kimura

So for this episode, I have the honor of having with me visionary philosopher Yasuhiko Kimura who caught sense of the tremors of the transformation we find ourselves in  today for over 30 years. He’s also known as the philosopher of change, and rightly so, as he has been exploring the future of human spirituality and what society could look like for over three decades. Yasuhiko Has had a profound personal journey, starting with a cosmic epiphany at the age of 16 where he caught glimpses of what the future of human spirituality would look like. And this inspired him to study comparative mysticism. And since then, he has been teaching all over the world and has written books on ethics, science and consciousness.

Conversation Highlights

In our wide ranging conversations.

Yasuhiko we shared insights. On the coming shift in consciousness, which will shift our civilization from merely  being focused on information gathering, to cultivating our spiritual gifts of intuition, imagination, and creativity. He also believes that people coming together to form local communities of governance in what he calls   Synergic Panarchies,  holds tremendous potential as the current systems of governance retire and dismantle.

We also talk about the evolution of AI and humanities role in it. So guys, this is a deep episode and I hope that you’ll stick through the entire length as there are many insights. And lastly, please look in the show notes below to find Yasuhiko’s incredible body of work, and also there is a list of words including concepts, books, places, and people mentioned in this episode, which I think you’ll find helpful.

And also there has been a little bit of a hiatus. I’ve been really busy with life. But there are a number of episodes that are almost done and are coming your way. So if you don’t mind, Please give the channel a subscribe and a like.  And before we turn to this cosmic conversation, I would love to share with you, one of my favorite quotes of Yasuhiko which goes something like   Vision without action is empty.

Action without Vision is blind. Ideology and opinion divide Quest and Commitment unite.

Various Mentions


Kangae – Japanese to think, from Kami-kae (Return to God)
Epiphany – From Greek “manifestation, striking appearance”. Points to a profound spiritual revelation.
Ontological – From Greek “ontology” meaning the study of being. To immerse ontologically is to deeply inhabit a worldview.
Synergy – From Greek “cooperation”. The emergent effect of combined action.
Panarchy – Combining “pan” (all) with “anarchy” (without rulers). A system of distributed yet cooperative governance.
Synarchy – Derived from Greek roots “together” and “to rule”.
Monad – From Greek “unit”. Refers to the individuated consciousness of each being.
Cosmos – Greek for “order, world, universe”. The opposite of chaos.
Logos – Greek for “word, speech, reason”. Divine cosmic order embodied in the universe.
Mythos – Greek for “myth, legend, story”. Signifying transcendent mystical narratives.
Paradox – From Greek “contrary to expectation”. Spiritual truths often seem paradoxical.
Imagination – From Latin “imaging, making mental images”. The realm of intuition and creativity.
Affirmation – From Latin “to assert, make firm”. Powerful spiritual act of positive declaration.
Neurosis – From Greek “nerve”. Referring to mental/emotional anguish or dysfunction.


Gurdjieff – 1866-1949 was a philosopher, mystic, spiritual teacher, and composer.
Haya Alegarasu
Abhinavagupta – influential Kashmiri Shaivite philosopher and mystic
Adi Shankara – major Hindu teacher who consolidated Advaita Vedanta
Osho – controversial modern spiritual teacher
Nietzsche – influential German philosopher who critiqued religion and morality
William Blake – visionary Romantic poet and painter
Hegel – influential German philosopher of dialectics and the Absolute
Zen Master Dogen


Tao Te Ching – ancient Chinese text by Lao Tzu on wisdom and living in harmony
The Art of War – ancient Chinese military treatise attributed to Sun Tzu

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