Co-creating a world of Purpose: Unlocking the Synchronicity Machine


Most of us in our current western paradigm are conditioned to think that our life is created through cause and effect where we have to perform a series of actions that may eventually lead us to a desired outcome. We assume that our actions are mechanical and take place in time and space!

However, multiple spiritual traditions and now even modern science points to the possibility of a different mechanism of creation that hinges primarily on intent rather than causality.

In this paradigm called synchronicity the universe responds to our intent and meaning in a timeless fashion, unifying our inner and outer reality. Events here are created beyond time and space. Realization of such a possibility is one of self empowerment and unfoldment of our creativity in a responsive universe. We all have magical stories of synchronicity in our life. During a year long nomadic journey I wrote a short pictorial post on a few synchronicities I encountered, ‘The Surrender Experiment : Life’s curious synchronicities’.

Though on the surface this might look profound and simple yet it involves deep inner work. One aspect that is necessary in this process is a purification of our innate enthusiasm by clarifying intent and releasing the feelings stuck in our emotional body.

Interview with Physicist Sky Nelson

I have been following the thread of synchronicity carefully over the past couple of years and recently did an interview with Physicist, educator and author Sky Nelson, who has been building a quantum physics model of Synchronicity. This was an amazing conversation touching on the mechanics of synchronicity through the lens of physics and spirituality. The interview will be released on the Potential Paradigms YouTube channel soon. Please come back in a week or so or sign up for the list to be notified. I will update this page as this interview becomes available, soon!

Workshop Presentation Slides

Recently, I organized a workshop at the High Vibes Festival on how to live a life that optimizes for Synchronistic events. Below are the presentation and handout for the workshop organized recently.

Workshop Handout



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  3. Book: Kashmir Shaivism The Secret Supreme by Swami Lakshman Joo.  ‘The universe as reflected in the mirror of God consciousness, is created by the absolute independent will of Consciousness.’  (Chapter 4 – Theory of Reflection) 
  4. Synchronicity: The Bridge Between Matter and Mind by David Peat
  5. Wholeness and the Implicate Order by Physicist David Bohm
  6. Synchronicity the inner path of leadership by Joseph Jaworski
  7. Radical Knowing by Christian de Quincey


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