Dear Friend, today I wanted to share with you some of the soon to be released conversations on Potential Paradigms Youtube and Audio channels. Click here or scroll below to see a pictorial list of upcoming episodes.

For me these conversations have been a labor of love to explore possible paradigms that are grounded in the inclusive well-being of our more than human world!

Each conversation has been an initiatic process leading to a new understanding. It has been a baptism by fire and I  continue to evolve and get better at having and sharing these conversations. Your support is critical for me and I would love to have your feedback if you resonate with these themes. If you feel called please subscribe to the newsletter below where I will share updates and sometimes possible ways in which you can support my humble endeavors or even better, collaborate to shift paradigms!

Catalyzing neo paradigms in an era of radical transformation!


The Physicality of Spirituality — Essence of Aikido (Martial Arts) & more — Sensei Nathan Feileacan

An Ancient Future (The 18000 year old Tibetan Bon Tradition) — Rinpoche Tenzin Wangyal

Unlocking the Synchronicity Machine— Quantum Physicist, Sky Nelson

Western Views of Reality including Panpsychism — Philosopher, Christian de Quincey

Mathematical Curiosities – Infinity and Beyond (free style) — Michael & his Harmonica

Catalyzing neo paradigms in an era of radical transformation!

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