Arkadian Mythology – Matias de Stefano’s & Aubrey Marcus

I found Matias mythology of Arkadia embedded with deep themes that stirred the subconscious. Everything below has been taken from Matias’s talk, Wikipedia and other online sources. I put this together for fellow Arkadians. If you have fun reading then share!

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Matias master storyteller & etymologist  shared the story around the information he was receiving from the Great Canyon and Zion National Park in response to the question of why he was at the festival of Arkadia in Las Vegas.

Arkadia comes from Greek mythology  and revolves around Arkas, Callisto, Zeus, Arturos, Constellations of the bear (Ursa Major & Minor) and the God Pan.

Father of Arkadians: Arkas

Callisto was a nymph that was seduced by Zeus and their child was Arkas. Hera, the wife of Zeus, in jealousy turned her into a beast, the Bear. Later, Arkas in his youth ended up hunting his own mother and just before he could kill her, Zeus transformed her into the Ursa Major constellation and Arkas to the Ursa minor both are in the shape of bears.

True North 

Certain stars in this constellation can be used as the navigational pointer of true north such as Polaris in Ursa Minor. Arcturus (Arkas) is the protector of his mother Callisto – the bear & father of Arkadians. Arcturus also symbolizes our alien ancestors. 

God of Fun: Pan

Lower Chakras, Fun, Repression & Manifestation

Matias relates Pan as the God of fun who has been repressed by labeling him as the devil with horns just like the ancient Nature God Pan. Fun as per the religious establishment is bad because the great Savior died for our sins so it is disrespectful. Pan is the animal or savage aspect of the being and is related to all the lower chakras, which are fertility. We have repressed the lower chakras for over 2000 years. These chakras are the portals of manifestation.

Etymology of manifestation: manifestation comes from Latin mani, which means hands & festation which is party. Manifestation means to make a party with the hands.

Shifting of the Planetary North

The planetary north has shifted from west to east. The bear in Russia has awoken. All the fun is going to the east because of the energy of the west. There is immense panic right now and it is crazy. We have a choice to awaken the other side, which is fun, party, joy and bring back the spirit of Arcadia from 3000 years ago.

Message of Zion National Park & The New Matrix


You need to build a new network and matrix. 

The new Jerusalem (Jeru-Salem : the city of peace) is in the heart of every person. Zion is the hill where the city was built but it is also synonymous with Zion. The last city of surviving humanity in the movie ‘The Matrix’ was also called Zion. Matrix in Latin is mother and this refers to being aligned with the mother Castillo (fun, creativity)  in the North, Ursa Major, the Bear. 

So, in the next 2000 years the plan is to have fun in our hearts, to manifest the plan that our alien ancestors, Arcturus (star representing Arkas the protector of the Ursa major Bear – Castillo) have set for us. To have fun with Pan with awareness, move it to the heart and from the heart to the hands to manifest. It is the heart that’s being manifested.

Fun is the creative energy in yourselves that has been stuck for over 2000 years.

Age of Aquarius

So we have to remind ourselves that we have come from this ancient history telling us that we are here now to make another leap into this change of consciousness until the north gets settled in Russia.

We have to wake up Pan in a good way.

Manifesting by balancing light & dark

Las Vegas means the lights are very dark inside. It’s about the balance between the two forces. We are not here to end darkness. We are here to balance something. To create and manifest you need the two hands & the heart, you cannot do it with one. So these two forces must be balanced. And remember once. When Thelan civilization was on this planet and Laurian civilization was on this planet.

Connecting with the Ancient North

When the Atlantean &  Leumarian civilization was around, this territory of the United States used to be the magnetic north pole. All the consciousness of the planet was heading here in the great canyon & in all the national parks around the desert in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado. So take advantage of that and align with the ancient north pole to find your own inside, that’s why we are in this territory.

Going from Panic to Pan

Aubrey: What to do when we go back to our lives and we see panic arising, how do we go back to Pan instead of Panic?

Fear & Evolution

First of all fear is not bad, fear is what brought us here, our bodies, our cells are what we are because of the panic, the pressure. So, we have to first thank all of our fears for helping us to evolve. Don’t be afraid of being afraid.

Be Spiritual – Breathe

To be spiritual is not to be out there, it is to breathe properly. So when you learn to breathe properly, when you are afraid of something like taking care of how you breathe, you are actually becoming the real spiritual. You are balancing the energies of your body, taking care of yourself, just with the breathing.

Always with the nose in, then holding and then out the nose and by that you start to balance your panic towards the pan.

Reference Etymologies

Arcadia: Is a region in the central Peloponnese. It takes its name from the mythological character Arcas, and in Greek mythology it was the home of the god Pan. In European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness; as such, it was referenced in popular culture.

Callisto: The greek nymph, The Muse, creativity, play & fun

Pan: God of nature, fertility, Paon (“pasturer”) and also ‘all’. Pan is the rustic god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, rustic music and impromptus, and companion of the nymphs. His homeland is Arcadia and he is known for fertility & spring. Those who awaken him from his naps face panic (Panikos : house of pan). 

Panic: Panikos, House of pan

Arcturus: Star that was named after Arcas, the father of Arkadians. Arcturus means Guardian of the Bear, his mother, Callisto, i.e. Ursa Major (the Great Bear). Matias also refers to it symbolizing our Ancestors, the aliens, who modified us. 

Jerusalem: Jeru – Salem (City of peace) . 

Manifestation: comes from Latin mani, which means hands & festation which is party.  

Manifestation means to make a party with the hands.

Spiritual: To be spiritual is not to be out there, it is to breathe properly.

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