Friends Meditation Circle

Time and Location

Time: 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Days: Friday
Location: Meditation Room, Soft Medicine, Sebastopol, CA

All are welcome. Come join together with friends to: – Relax – Gain clarity – Gain stability

Why Meditate?

In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, the word used for meditation is ‘Gom‘, which means to become familiar. This is what we embark on in every sitting, ‘to re-acquaint’ ourselves with that which is our immortal essence. This essence is the background of sleeping, waking, dreaming, & death. Recognition of this essence is liberation. There are many ways to develop this familiarity, but breathing is a simple and reliable way. Everyday we breathe around 22,000 times, so we literally have several thousands of opportunities to realize the source.

About the practice

The practice belongs to the ancient tradition of Kashmir Shaivism and incorporates influences from my teachers such as Francis Lucille, and has commonalities with other traditional practices. Please see the ‘Learn more’ section below if you feel inclined!
“On the pathway of your breath, maintain continuously refreshed and full awareness on and in the center of breathing in and breathing out. This is the internal asana.” ‘Netra Tantra, Ancient philosophical text’

‘In meditation, do not try to go anywhere. There is nowhere to go. Nowhere is limitless. This is the journey from the limited to the limitless.’ ~Mystic Sadhguru

Learn More

Kashmir Shaivism

Please watch a conversation I had with an adept scholar/practitioner on the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism. Have a look at the YouTube chapters which have been carefully curated to relate the various aspects of this vast tradition.


Francis Lucille


Practice Handouts

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A scholar & practitioner of the philosophical traditions of Kashmir Shaivism, Sufism & Socratic methodology. Student of vocal music (Hindustani classical), martial arts (Aikido, Capoeira) and Eastern medicine system ( Ayurveda).  Host the Potential Paradigms Show and The Open Creativity Night in Sebastopol.