Arkadian Mythology – Matias de Stefano’s & Aubrey Marcus

I found Matias mythology of Arkadia embedded with deep themes that stirred the subconscious. Everything below has been taken from Matias’s talk, Wikipedia and other online sources. I put this together for fellow Arkadians. If you have fun reading then share! (Link to Matias talk: Matias master storyteller & etymologist  shared the story around … Read more

The Surrender Experiment : Life’s curious synchronicities

In 2021 I embarked on a year long pilgrimage via road across the US, Canada and Costa Rica. There were some remarkable events that took place on this journey which I describe below. Right before this trip, I read the “Surrender Experiment” by Michael Singer which was beautifully timed. The book touched me deeply and … Read more

Why Potential Paradigms?

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome, I am Kenan Azam. Back Story Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. As long as I remember, I have been fascinated by the nature of reality. Being born in a fundamentalist culture I developed a resentment for religion and explored deeper truths through the lens of … Read more