The King of Love (Poem)

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I have had the opportunity to be in the presence of a spiritual elder or luminary of our time and it felt as if I was in a King’s court, the King of love to be precise. The atmosphere was charged with a powerful presence and tremendous love. This evoked some  emotions and aspirations which I attempt to capture in this poem.


The King of Love
He is like a mother
His holy majesty.

Included in his being, you are under his wings
His love is not sappy
It is full of integrity, action and responsibility
A blaze of glory!

The King’s heart bleeds for all ,
The soil, the river, the trees, all life
A symbol of divine mercy!

Rising on his motory chariot
A beacon of harmony,
In this infectious love, the ideal comes to life,
Inspiring one to become more than one ever dreamed to be!

O King of Love,
Glory be to thee!

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