What is the Calendar? Time & Nature’s Rhythm — inspired by Matias de Stefanos

* Summary: How are the calendar, time and cultural rituals tied to celestial cycles and patterns? Kenan and Joshua journey across philosophical traditions and ancient astronomical views to unveil surprising connections between humanity’s chronology and cosmology. A fascinating podcast conversation between Aubrey Marcus and Matias De Stefanos titled “Manifestation Not Working” sparked Kenan’s curiosity into … Read more

The Art of Spiritual Imagination — A Visionary’s Guide to Humanity’s Quantum Shift with Yasuhiko Kimura Ep# 17

* Guest Bio and Links Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is an expert in facilitating such a leap and transformation through the innovative use of the Zen-inspired Socratic method designed to produce breakthrough thought and insight. Website: https://genkuworld.com/ Courses: https://genkuworld.com/genkucourses/ YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DOGENKU Yasuhiko Genku Kimura is a philosopher, independent scholar, former ordained Zen Buddhist priest, consultant … Read more

Discovering Authenticity — The Immense Power to Be Yourself with Adam Bulbulia Ep# 18

*. Introduction Welcome friends. Today, the topic of our conversation is the nuanced subject of authenticity, which usually refers to being your own self, the word Authenticity comes from the Greek word Authentikos, which refers to principle, original, and genuine. For most of us, authenticity is a long nuanced journey of self discovery. So it … Read more

Artificial Intelligence, Creativity and the Unknown — A No Hype Panel Discussion Ep#15

This is a recent panel discussion that potential paradigms organized with Consciousness Hacking San Diego. It’s no surprise to you that artificial intelligence is a big theme right now in the collective. We are all concerned and perhaps also excited about the potentials of artificial intelligence. so there are so many discussions happening on YouTube … Read more

A Play of Words: Grammar, Glamour, Spells & Norse Mythology — Chaise Levy Ep#16

#etymology #words #spirituality #spelling #dictionary Description: Hello, friends. Welcome. I hope that this message finds you all so today I’m excited to share with you. A new series of videos that I’m making called a Play of Words. And this comes from my longstanding passion about looking at the meaning of words, their history, and … Read more

Biofield Healing: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science — Dr. Shamini Jain Ep#14

Description So the topic of our conversation today is the emerging paradigm of biofield science. So what is biofield science? The biofield science is also known as energy medicine or energy healing, and includes things like the impact of electromagnetic. currents such as the Earth’s magnetic field or electric currents on our healing capacity But … Read more