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July '23
We are Hiring!
Potential Paradigms is seeking interns and full or part-time individuals who are passionate about new solutions in our current world where existing paradigms of governance, ecology, economy, science and spirituality are being transformed. Learn More
June '23
Devotional Sufi Music
Embrace the spirit of community and support a labor of love! Join me for an enchanting evening of devotional ecstatic music with the world-renowned group Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali! 🎶✨ Your 🎟️ purchase, not only secures your place at this unforgettable experience but also plays a vital role in covering the event's costs. Learn More
May '23
Video Series
Play of Words

A spirited and playful conversation series exploring the deeper dimensions of language through the pathways of word origins, history, culture, propaganda, story telling, music, sound mysticism and more!, empowering us to become conscious users of language! Learn More

May '23
Video Series
Myth of Money

The Myth of Money is a series of dialogic conversations (exploring perspectives) with an intention to repair our connection with Abundance. The idea for this series germinated from a communal inquiry launched at the Joysong Collective, an incubator for spirit at work! Learn More

May '23
Workshop: Unlocking the Synchronicity Machine

How to live a life that optimizes for Synchronistic events based on explorations in Quantum Physics & Spirituality. Learn More

Nov '22
Friends Meditation Circle

Join a donation based meditation class at Soft Medicine, Sebastopol, CA every Fri @ 9 am.
I also facilitate guided meditations for individuals & groups. Learn more

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