Website Design

Websites & Graphic Design, Illustration
We build websites for your personal or professional needs. Graphics for your a presentation, a flyer etc
.Your business, podcast, services, etc. A few samples,


Co-creating a world of Meaning & Purpose
How to live a life that optimizes for Synchronistic events based on explorations in Quantum Physics & Spirituality. Recently held at the High Vibes Festival

Media Services

Podcasting, Editing
Learn various facets of podcasting including gear and Artificial Intelligence based tools for editing and production to avoid the mundane and focus on your creativity. See examples

Event Recording & Editing
Event recording like for a concert etc and basic edits of certain timepoints.

Spiritual Counsel

Guided Meditation
Join a donation based meditation class at Soft Medicine, Sebastopol, CA every Fri @ 9 am.
I also facilitate guided meditations for individuals & groups. Learn more about the practice from this conversation,

Spiritual Guidance
A friend on the path. I am practitioner of Kashmir Shaivism, Sufism, philosophy & Vocal music. You can learn more from my podcast conversations and writings on this blog. Reserve a free 30 min exploratory session or longer.