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Position Title: Media Editor and Outreach Specialist

Organization : Potential Paradigms Media

Potential Paradigms is catalyzing wisdom discovery and insights on emerging paradigms in a period of radical collective transformation!

Potential Paradigms came into being with the intention of engaging creatively in a period of civilizational transition. The current engagements include communal inquiries, spirited conversations, workshops, classical music concert, writing and panel discussions.

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Note: Before applying please answer all five questions at the end of the job description. Scroll down to see, ‘Questions before applying’

Position Overview:

Potential Paradigms is seeking interns who are passionate about new solutions in our current world where existing paradigms of governance, ecology, economy, science and spirituality are being transformed.

The team will help with editing and managing audio and video content of various new paradigm organizations, including Potential Paradigm’s YouTube Channel, and our clients such as Heart Centered Revolutions etc.

As a New Paradigm Media Editor and Outreach Specialist, you will be at the forefront of disseminating information about new paradigms in spirituality, ecology, governance, work, creativity, and other related topics. The objective is to effectively share solutions and wisdom via multiple media platforms and also forming alliances and synchronicities to create a synergistic impact.


  1. Vision and Growth: Embrace the organization’s vision to expand content dissemination through various forms, including podcasts, ebooks, documentaries, workshops, online courses, and explore new mediums as they emerge.
  2. Editing and Reformatting: Edit and creatively reformat audio and video content to ensure it not only reaches a broad audience but results in active engagement.
  3. Content Outreach: Manage the outreach of the new paradigm media content across various platforms, including YouTube and podcast channels. Optimize content for each medium to maximize reach and engagement.
  4. Research and Learning: Stay abreast of evolving trends in YouTube and podcasting landscapes. Have a strong interest in the content around new paradigms, spirituality, ecology, governance, and related subjects to enhance understanding and effectiveness in content processing.
  5. Passionate Dissemination: Be driven by a deep passion to disseminate information about new paradigms creatively. Facilitate the societal shift occurring towards more sustainable and conscious living.
  6. Collaboration: Collaborate with other team members to ideate and strategize innovative ways to present content effectively and engage with a wider audience.
  7. Tools: Current tools include but are not limited to Descript, Canva, ChatGPT, etc


  1. Strong Editing Skills: Proficiency in editing audio and video content using relevant tools and software. such as Descript, Audacity, Canva, ChatGPT, etc.
  2. Related Skills: If you have one or more of these skills lets us know – Creative Writing, Design and Art, Social Media Outreach, Event and Workshop organizations, Fundraising, Videography, Film-making, Critical Thinking, Journalism
  3. Technological Savvy: Comfortable with learning and utilizing AI-based editing tools to optimize workflows.
  4. Passionate Learner: Demonstrated interest in new paradigms, spirituality, ecology, governance, and related subjects. Willingness to continuously learn and grow in understanding these topics.
  5. Creative and Innovative: Ability to think outside the box and reformat content in engaging and creative ways.
  6. Team Player: Able to work collaboratively with others, contribute ideas, and be open to feedback.
  7. Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills for effective content outreach and collaboration.
  8. Commitment to the Vision: A strong drive and commitment to disseminate information about new paradigms and contribute to positive global change.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • A strong interest in understanding and offering solutions to the challenges civilization faces today
  • Background in media, cognitive science, communications, journalism, or other fields.
  • Familiarity with tools Experience with content management, social media outreach, and audience engagement.


This is currently an unpaid internship position. However, we offer a monthly stipend to support our interns during their time with us.

For the first 3-4 months, interns will receive a monthly stipend. This is intended to assist with basic costs and some more.

This internship provides invaluable learning opportunities and hands-on experience in content creation, editing, media production, and outreach roles. Interns can expect to build real-world skills in:

  • Audio/video editing using professional tools
  • Creative content formatting and optimization
  • Audience engagement and outreach strategies
  • Staying updated on emerging trends and best practices
  • Working collaboratively in a purpose-driven environment

After the initial internship period, high performers may have the opportunity to transition into a paid role at Potential Paradigms Media based on organizational needs. We are open to exploring varied, mutually beneficial compensation structures including hourly/contract pay, revenue sharing, etc.

While the stipend is modest, this is a rich learning experience that can open up career paths in multimedia production, marketing, content creation and more. Dedicated individuals can gain meaningful skills while contributing to our mission.

Please let us know if you have any other questions! We welcome a conversation about the compensation structure and learning opportunities during the application process.

Questions before applying

If you feel you are a fit to join the team please answer the following questions,

  1. What excites you the most about Potential Paradigms Media’s mission and vision for disseminating information about new paradigms in spirituality, ecology, governance, work, creativity, etc.? What aspects of the new paradigm movement, spirituality, ecology, governance, or related subjects interest you the most, and how do you think your passion for these topics will drive your work at Potential Paradigms Media?
  2. How do you believe your editing and content management skills can contribute to actively engaging the audience with the new paradigm media content?
  3. Can you share some examples of your experience with editing and how you have used editing tools like Descript, Canva, or ChatGPT, etc to optimize workflows in your previous projects?
  4. How do you stay updated with evolving trends in YouTube, podcasting, and media editing to ensure effective content processing and dissemination?
  5. Can you provide an example of a creative and innovative approach you used to reformat content and make it more engaging to a wide audience?

Who should apply?

The ideal applicant would essentially combine content creation skills and knowledge with passionate curiosity, multifaceted interests, listening skills and work ethic to further Potential Paradigms’ vision. Your curiosity, work ethic and strong interest to learn and address the problems we face today is what we care most about. We want to see thoughtfulness in your answers to the five questions. If you have a strong mix in a couple of the items below, we want to hear from you!

-Candidates with some experience in media/content creation – this could include writing, editing, videography, podcasting, etc. Examples of previous work and a demonstrated interest in learning/using new multimedia tools would be beneficial.

-Applicants who showcase curiosity and passion for new paradigm models across disciplines like ecology, economics, spirituality, philosophy, etc. This enthusiasm can be conveyed through the thoughtful responses to the 5 application questions.

-Individuals with broad interests spanning 3+ areas like ecology, policy, spirituality, arts, technology, etc. Showing connections between diverse interests relevant to new paradigms.

-Candidates who exhibit deep listening, long attention spans, and dedication to personal growth and subjects that they care about. This can be evidenced by long-form writing samples, community service, or examples of focused self-study etc.

-Strong writing and communication skills to convey complex ideas simply and engagingly. Ability to distill what’s meaningful and inspire critical reflection.

-Self-starters who demonstrate diligence, creativity and care for their work through examples of previous projects and how they problem-solve.


If you have read the various sections then please answer the five questions presented in the section above ‘Questions before applying’ in your email. We look forward to hearing from you. Email at: azam.kenan at gmail dot com , Please add to your Email Subject: Re: Media Editor and Outreach Specialist